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Delizius Deluxe Acorn-fed Iberico Ham

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623 kr

Give your taste buds a luxurious treat with the taste of Delizius Deluxe acorn-fed Iberico ham (50% Iberico breed)! Acorn-fed ham is the result of a ham producing tradition and culture of a population which has been maintained through the centuries, and the experience has been passed on through successive generations. It enjoys great international prestige and is greatly appreciated worldwide as a gourmet and delicatessen product. Jabugo is a locality within the province of Huelva (Spain), where both the natural environment and the special climate favour the curing of Iberico hams and the free-range rearing of Iberico breed pigs, which are predominantly reared on acorns. The ancient ritual and centuries-old tradition of producing acorn-fed Iberico hams constitutes an additional element of differentiation from the other hams on the market. Approximate curing time: between 36 and 48 months.  Low in salt.

We also offer the opportunity to purchase the magnificent Delizius Deluxe Iberico ham along with the excellent Medina Albors extra virgin olive oil, a unique combination for enjoying the more traditional flavours. This combination will be a safe bet as a gift of quality products that will give the maximum satisfaction.  

Medina Albors extra virgin olive oil is a Spanish oil from a family farm with a long tradition and experience in the cultivation of olive trees and the production of olive oil. All the production processes are carried out and controlled to the last detail in order to obtain the best result: a quality olive oil with excellent properties and a unique flavour.

And, as part of the set, we recommend the inclusion of our stupendous wooden ham stand, which has great grip and stability. This resistant and long-lasting quality ham stand is very useful for cutting ham safely and with complete ease.

Ham stand model will vary depending on stock available.